Watson's Window tinting can assist you in reducing solar heat gain on your commerical facility by up to 85%.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that one-third of a buildings cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. Professional film professinally installed by Watson's Window Tinting can not only update the asthetics of any building but also provide energy savings up to 15%, increasing your bottom line. LLumar and SunTek window films reduce the demands of HVAC systems at peak times, reduce carbon emmisions, and have an adverage payback within three years. PG&E also recognizes window films as insulating products and offers rebates which can be directly applied to your project at the time of installation.

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The latest breed of energy efficient window films are spectrally selective. These clear, colorless, heat blocking thin window films offer the most efficient ratio of visible light transmission to heat rejection. Spectrally selective refers to the ability of the film to select or let in the desirable daylight, while blocking out undesirable heat. Conventional tinted and reflective window films do block heat, but they also block light and often cause increased reflectivity to the interior and exterior surfaces. The darkened interiors require increased lighting which not only adds increased energy costs, but as a generator of heat, often results in more not less, use of air conditioning, defeating the cost-savings benefit of applied window film in the first place.

The lightest spectrally selective clear window film Watson's Window Tinting offers allows 70% of visible light to pass while blocking 55% of heat and 99.9% of the harmful UV Aging and UV Burning rays. It also keeps heat inside in the winter, saving on HVAC cost year round. This clear, colorless and non-reflective widow treatment allows for superior product visibility for your commercial retail facility. Display your products with confidence knowing that your spectrally selective window treatment will reduce fading and keep you products looking new. Your employee's will enjoy working in a healthier more comfortable enviroment with the elimination of ultraviolet rays and the reduction of heat and harsh glare. Factor in the issues of occupant morale, building appearance, energy savings and it's clear that spectrally selective window film is the preferred choice for energy saving window treatments.

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Watson's Window Tinting also specializes in installing exterior mounted anti-graffiti film. Never replace another vandalized window again, ever. LLumar and SunTek anti-graffiti films work twenty four hours a day against vandals to protect your glass and investments. Our line of films will take scratches, paints, permanent markers and anything else vandals use to make their mark. Whether they are applied to vertical or sloped glass, or mirrors or stainless steel, in malls or on buses, in office buildings or on subways, installation and replacement by our professionally trained staff is quick and easy, avoiding the disruption caused by window replacement. When vandals strike, the film can simply be removed along with the tags, revealing the unspoiled glass ready for the replacement sacrificial film. 


 Instead of costly and time-consuming window replacement, you simply replace the film at a fraction of the cost. A single replacement of just one window can easily exceed ten or twenty times the cost of the film installation. The savings are immediate, and and all the more impressive over the long term. 


 Professionally installed anti-graffiti film by Watson's Window Tinting is optically clear and once applied is nearly undetectable. This invisible barrier not only protects your glass form vandals but acts as a laminate to help hold shattered glass together protecting employees and pedestrians in the event of accidental breakage. Furthermore LLumar and SunTek anti-graffiti films act to block 99.9% of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays which are responsible for 40% of the factors that contribute to fading. Protect your window displays, make the cost effective choice, have anti-graffiti film applied to protect your investments today. 

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